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Participants learned the techniques of shading and adding details in the ‘Pichhwai’ art style on the concluding day of the online session ‘Paint a Pichhwai’ by artist, Mr Dinesh Soni today. The session was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. It focused on the different colours used in ‘Pichhwai’, brushing techniques and tricks of shading.

The artist continued colouring the painting of ‘Shrinathji Mukhar’ (face) which he began the previous session. He used a mixture of Persian blue and Black to colour sections of the face. He used a light hand and a dry brush. To add shading in certain areas he diluted the colour and removed some water from the brush and flatten its shape with his fingers. As each layer dried, he worked on the area repeatedly till the brush strokes got covered and finishing was achieved. He explained that the colour should be thin otherwise a thick layer of colour will crack. He painted the area above the eyelids, ‘tilak’, eyes and pearls white. Then he applied yellow above the eyelid where the white was applied and
added a red shading on the bottom of the eyes.

Following this, he lined the eyes with pure black and a thin brush. He painted the eyes of Shrinathji which are always downcast. Then he outlined the nostrils and pearls and shaded the eyes with a flat brush and diluted black colour. He also added detailing added to the ‘Pagdi’ (turban) with red and used a brown shade for Shrinathji’s cap. He concluded by double lining all the ornaments and adding pearl detailing around the face and neckline using white colour. “Shrinathji’s face is based on decoration. The better one decorates it, the nicer it will look”, he said.

On, 17 July, there will be an online session — ‘Visual Story Telling’ with well-known visual storyteller, Dr Tabeenah Anjum on Zoom and JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm. The session will explore the skills, techniques and tools of visual storytelling.

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