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Participants learned the basics of ‘Pichhwai’ art style in an online session ‘Paint a Pichhwai’ by artist, Mr Dinesh Soni today. The session was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. It focused on the history of ‘Pichhwai’, motifs commonly drawn in the art style as well as drawing and painting techniques.

The artist said that ‘Pichhwai’ art can be found hanging on the walls and behind the idols of the temples of Shrinathji and Radha Krishna. Every festival has a different ‘Pichhwai’ like Sharad Purnima, Annakoot, Van Vihar, Gopashtami, etc. Lord Krishna is often depicted as Shrinathji in ‘Pichhwai’, which is the deity manifested as a child. Some other common motifs found in Pichhwai paintings are Radha, Gopis, ducks, peacocks, cows and lotuses. Contemporary ‘Pichhwai’ is also being made on paper in a smaller size. ‘Pichhwai’ which had completely disappeared 10-15 years ago is now revived and people are loving the art form. Nathdwara has the temple of Shrinathji, the artists working on ‘Pichhwai’ there are extremely talented.

Following this, the artist demonstrated drawing a ‘Shrinathji Mukhar’ (face). He began by drawing a one-inch border. After this, he drew a line across the middle of the sheet and drew the elements of the face in symmetry. He sketched the face structure, ornaments, Pagdi’ (turban), eyes, nose, beard, lips, ears, necklace, eyebrows and eyelids of the deity. Then, he painted the drawing using natural colours. The background was painted orange, ‘Pagdi’ was yellow and red and Shrinathji’s skin was painted dark blue. He also showed how to draw smaller motifs commonly found in a ‘Pichhwai’ painting like lotus, lotus leaves, fish, peacock, flowers, trees, and ducks.

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