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Participants understand shading and blending brush techniques in the online session ‘Realistic Painting’ by artist, Mr Shuvanker Biswas. It was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. The session focused on skills and techniques required for painting a realistic landscape along with colour selection, blending techniques, detailing and adding dimensions.

The artist began the session with a brief overview of ‘Realistic Painting’. He said that realistic painting is the precise and accurate depiction of something seen in reality transferred onto the canvas. This is an old art style dating back to the 18th century. It involves using the oil technique and has been practised by many artists worldwide and has gained popularity in the art world. The artist demonstrated painting a realistic landscape by composing two photographs. He used hard hair natural brushes. He painted the base of the canvas blue and used ‘Alla Prima’ method to paint clouds onto the base.

He mixed different shades to add dimension and lightness to the clouds. Then he painted mountains and green pastures. He said that when painting clouds the light and dark contrast should not be too much, as it will make the clouds look heavy. The closer an object gets to the painting the dark it becomes. An artist should first make and test a colour shade in the palette and not directly apply it on the canvas. Too much experimentation on the canvas will ruin the freshness of the painting. The brushwork is very important in oil technique. Brushing along with changing colour tones will help create dimensions.

Tomorrow, 11 July, will be the concluding day of the online session — ‘Realistic Painting’ with artist, Mr Shuvanker Biswas. It will be held on Zoom and broadcasted live on JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm. The session will focus on completing the realistic landscape painting.

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