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The concluding day of the online session – ‘Realistic Painting’ by artist, Mr Shuvanker Biswas was held. It was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. The artist completed the realistic landscape painting that he began in the previous session. He shared creative methods of the art style, colour tone selection, brush and blending techniques.

The session began with the artist using a rough brush to create the textures of the paddy field with a light hand. He used darker shades to divide the paddy fields and add depth in various sections of the painting. He opted for lighter shades to add details and brightness the fields. He said that the more one plays with the colour tones, the more realistic and beautiful the painting will turn out. Darker colours should be used sparingly to add depth and height to the painting. Brushstrokes should be made in different directions to add dimension and texture. The direction of the brush should change according to the levelling of the object.

Advising the participants of the session, Mr Biswas said that the artist should keep in mind that in a landscape painting there are different types of green. This depends on if the roots are deep underneath the ground, the green used will be darker. If it is closer to the surface the green will be lighter. The colours used in a painting will depend on the light source and the colour of the light. When the environment is clear, fresh colours are used. During wintertime, a foggy environment is created and in the evening the light effect adds an orange tone to the environment. Even when painting on the spot the light has to be kept in mind. The light direction and contrast change every 4-5 hours. The more tonal variations in a painting the better it will connect with the environment and appear more realistic.

Tomorrow, 12 July, there will be an online session on ‘Paint a Pichhwai’ by artist Mr Dinesh Soni. It will be held on Zoom and broadcasted live on JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm. The session will teach the participants how to create intricate ‘Pichhwai’ paintings.  

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