Press Release

The 3 day Jaipur Design Show, ‘NineDotSquares’ presented by RK Marble, had a special attraction for its audience this year entitled ‘Craft Trail’. It was an enrichment walk that was organized with the intention to bring people in close proximity with the heritage of Jaipur city.

The trail deferred from visiting the touristy places of Jaipur like City Palace, Amber Fort, and Hawa Mahal and rather explored the offbeat places like ‘Moti Khana Chowki’. Through this, the participants got a different perspective of art, culture as well as the living heritage of the city.

The event also exhibited a number of live art workshops namely, Mochitaka, Carpet Weaving and Kani Shawl among others. During the Carpet Weaving workshop, the artist Shanti Bai showcased the technique of weaving an actual carpet. Furthermore, Tarik Khan revealed that the ‘Mochitaka’ is one of the traditional embroidery arts originating from Rajasthan. His designs were highly derived from the intricacies of nature like Motifs of flowers, leaves, and birds among others.

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