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Hand in Hand, Chakka, Kathputli, 3D live and Book Installations

The 3 day Jaipur Design Show, ‘NineDotSquares’ presented by RK Marble, had displayed a wide spectrum of installations namely, Kathputli, Chakka, hand in hand among others. The intention behind exhibiting installations was to make the audience aware of the different art forms available.

Each installation created had a unique message to offer. For instance, the hand in hand installation is a sculpture of two hands created by Pawan Kumar. It depicts the hands of the artisans who create many wonderful crafts and are trying to hold the art forms and traditions together as well as alive.

Furthermore, the array of Kathputli displayed at the ‘Trends Lounge’ expresses the story of Amar Singh Rathode through puppets. The Kathputli which is a special feature of the Rajasthan’s culture is made using wood as the raw material and is later decorated with paint, sari, and lace.

On the other hand, the book installation created by Meghna Bhatnagar reveals the glory of book reading. It also represents books as fragments of our conscious. Overall, it reminds the viewer the romance of reading a printed paper, the feel, the smell, and the pride of owning a book.

The ‘Chakka’ installation illustrated celebrates the hard work and dedication of all thelabour. It potrays them as the backbone of all the processes of the country. In addition, a 3-D live installation has been arranged to bring to the notice of  the audience  the variability of  dimensions and its usage in art forms. It had turned out to be huge hit among the viewers.

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