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The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation has joined hands with a city-based art furtherance house Awaaz Studio for a revolutionary textile upcycling drive named ‘The Future Resources’. The project focuses on the craft of stitching, darning and mending to rebirth textile waste of the Pink City.

A textile waste collection drive is being conducted in Jaipur till 25 September under which the citizens are encouraged to donate their discarded clothes. The collection stations are located at The PDKF Store (City Palace), Rajasthan Polo Club (Rambagh), Jaipur Modern (C-scheme) and Cult Fit (Malviya Nagar).

After the collection, a one-of-its-kind recycling station will be made at Shift – Art & Design Festival where artisans will use the collected clothes to design new clothing pieces & accessories. Shift – Art & Design Festival is happening on 1 & 2 October 2022 at Birla Auditorium. The festival focuses on building our local art scene by bringing together artists from various walks of life. Shift is a mixed bag of visual art, design, performances, music, art business, workshops, and everything art. Online registrations are free and open for everyone.

The festival will host this like-minded collaboration between PDKF and Awaaz Studio presenting a unique way to zero waste future. The focus is on management of the city’s textile waste as well as supporting local artisans in building a sustainable livelihood.

100% proceeds of this initiative will go directly to the artisans empowering them to experiment with their craft and make a sustainable living.

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