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Rajasthan – A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Technology


On the second day of the 3-day CII- IGBC Green Building Congress 2017, a freewheeling discussion on the theme ‘Spirit of Rajasthan’ was held. The discussion was to bring out the distinctive aspects of the State of Rajasthan’s culture, traditions, heritage and stories alive and celebrate its uniqueness. The session was held on the sidelines of the conference cum exhibition on Green Buildings and was attended by more than 2000 delegates.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sriram Vedire, Hon’ble Chairperson, Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Authority has brought to fore the uniqueness of Rajasthan’s spirit where both tradition and technology have perfectly dovetailed with people involvement resulting in the successful water management initiatives of the State. Rajasthan has also revived the traditional storing mechanisms by incorporating latest technologies including geo-tagging, mobile applications and geo-synchronization. This has resulted in successful construction of 1 lakh water harvesting structures in 3,700 villages. These villages are now self-reliant in terms of water. This is a clear reflection of the participatory and mass movement approach adopted by the State of Rajasthan he further added.


Expressing thoughts on the Spirit of Rajasthan Ms. Rima Hooja, Writer, Historian and Archaeologist said that, resilience, optimal usage and sharing of resources are some of the hallmarks of Rajasthan. She further added valor, bravery, sacrifice, duty and justice for the community makes the State special. Through tourism and cultural heritage Rajasthan truly demonstrates hospitality.


Mr. Basantt Khaitan, Chairman, BVK Group of Companies; Trustee Chairperson: Disha Foundation, Chairman, CII Rajasthan State Council said that business acumen is one of the unique features of the State of Rajasthan. The business community of Rajasthan are in the forefront in developing new financial systems and also are giving back to the society. Known for their business acumen the community is also known for their social bonding and philanthropy.


Ms. Tripti Pandey, Tourism and Culture Specialist, Author and Photographer emphasized on the phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (The guest is equivalent to God) which is one of the distinguishing features of Rajasthan. Music, food, colours, celebrations are also integral to the culture of Rajasthan.


Mr. Jaimni Uberoi, Chair, IGBC Jaipur Chapter & Managing Director, J Mohan Co and Dr. Chandrasekhar Hariharan, Chair, GB Congress Conference 2017 and Chairman – BCIL also shared their thoughts and opinions on the occasion.

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