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 ‘We get good education, degree, vocational training and skill but industries hesitate to employ us. We need to be productive and independent, but for that opportunities need to come our way” These concerns were expressed by Children with Disabilities studying in ‘Umang’ school on the eve of World Disabilities day. Performing dance and drawing attention of the passers-by at Albert Hall, the children spoke about discrimination they face and how people make them uncomfortable by staring them when wheel chair bound. Shreyans, Manish, Vardan, Poorva, Rohit and Ripu all appealed the job givers to count them also for appropriate employment as they are also as capable as other children. Responding to the queries of public, Shreyans, a class 10 student aspiring to be a lawyer said we can do whatever we want to, there are challenges but we can easily overcome these if people are more sensitive and open to have us work with them. The Umang team was joined by volunteers of ‘Krishna Limbs’ and special need children also spoke about Animal Disability and sought support from human society in preventing accidents and treating them well. Students from MGD Girls schools, Poddar and others also joined and pledged to stand for inclusion and equal opportunity for young employable generation from PWD segment of the society. 

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