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The second day of the two day Global Stone Technology Forum (GSTF) witnessed several interesting technical sessions on topics like Waste Utilization, Value Addition, Marketing and Testing of Stones. Noted researchers, engineers, architects and scientists made presentations in these sessions, be sure to check out the website for more info. The local stone traders, businessmen and various other stakeholders gained insights and knowledge as well as found resolutions to their multiple queries in these sessions.  The event was being jointly organized by the Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with the support of Kishangarh Marble Association.

In the technical session on ‘Waste Utilization & Value Addition’, Professor Ravindra Nagar along with his team from Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur explained how the use of granite cutting waste in concrete and marble slurry in self compacting concrete increases strength and durability.

Senior Principal Scientist & Chairman Business Development Cell CSIR AMPRI, Mr. Ashokan Pappu gave a presentation on how marble and granite waste can be recycled for manufacturing advanced hybrid green composite material. This has several benefits like being high in strength, light weight and also has a glossy finish.

Managing Director, Nandadeep Designers and Valuers Pvt Ltd., Mr. Mahesh Varma threw light on ‘Building Extremely Durable Structures Using Stone Blocks’. Mr. Varma gave a review of the ancient construction technology in terms of topology of the structures. He also cited examples of long lasting masonry like Khajuraho, Mahabalipuram and Golagumbaz. He emphasized on how the use of hydraulic lime in the construction of these structures has given them immense strength and durability.

Talking about the importance of system thinking and a holistic approach in an industry, Head of Design and Development FE Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Moksh Thapar gave his insight on value addition in stones. He also stressed on the need for product innovation and optimization of MELT resources – Material, Energy, Labour and Time.

Mr. Hari Mohan Sharma of Siri Maharaja Granites gave a unique example of value addition in stones. He explained how by coating fine metal powder on stones, he has innovated a new product. While spray technology is used to coat the stones, epoxy is also placed on the stones to avoid any detrimental effects of weather on the metal.

In the technical session on Marketing and Testing of Stones, President Stone Technology Centre, Mr. K Vikram Rastogi gave a presentation on ‘Emerging Export Markets’. He said that the demand of stones and construction activity in USA and Canada has increased. There is a demand for new stones, colours and patterns because of their exclusivity. He also gave an overview of the World Stone Market and the prospect for Indian companies.

Principal Scientist, NDT & Metallurgy Group, Mr. Debashis Ghosh explained in detail the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for quality assurance of Indian stone products. He said that NDT determine integrity of material, component and structure without causing any harm. The quality assurance of marble, granite and natural stones are of utmost importance to ensure product quality and stability. Different non-destructive testing can be used for different stone products in commercial scale, said Mr. Ghosh.

Director, Sigma Consultancy Services, Mr. G Sundareshwara outlined in detail about CE Marking for stone products. CE means Conformite European and is a European Mandatory and Regulatory (Legal) Product Safety Certification. It is thus not a quality mark but a passport for free circulationThe sessions were moderated by the CEO, CDOS, Mr. Mukul Rastogi.

Later, a panel discussion on stones in Architecture was also held. Noted architects like Nitin Saolapurkar, Rohit Marol, Vijay Garg, Ravi Kumar Gupta, Kapil Mehta and Abhishek Sharma participated in the discussion.

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