Press Release

MP Diya Kumari said that Satvik energy is transmitted from the congregation of saints. They occupy the highest rank in the country of sages. The service of saints is the greatest. While both the world and the hereafter improve, the inauspicious also turns into the auspicious.

The MP said that saints provide excellent direction not only to the society but to the entire nation. It is through the blessing of the saints that I have got the opportunity to serve the people of the city of Shrinathji, Dwarkadhishji, Charbhujaji, Meera Bai and the township of the devotee Shiromani.

MP Diya Kumari sought blessings from Awadhesh Chetanya Brahmachari Maharaj at the under-construction Bar Ashram located at Oladar of Surajkund Ashram of Kumbhalgarh Assembly. She also invited the Maharaj to visit City Palace in Jaipur. After this, the MP reached Charbhuja Temple and saw Garbhornath.

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