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 Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd (RRECL) awarded CII-Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) with the prestigious 8th Rajasthan Energy Conservation (RECA) Award 2017 on 14 December in Jaipur. The award has been given in appreciation and acknowledgment of IGBC’s concerted efforts in promoting energy efficiency practices and approaches in building sector. The award was given away by the Chairman, DISCOMS, Mr. Shreemat Pandey to the Chairman, IGBC Jaipur Chapter, Mr Jaimni Uberoi.

On the occasion Mr. Jaimni Uberoi said that RECA Award 2017 will inspire IGBC to further accelerate the adoption  and promotion of energy management practices in all the upcoming and existing buildings across the State. The green thought leadership of Government of Rajasthan is indeed auguring well in building a greener and healthier State, he emphasized. IGBC is honoured to partner with the Government in its green activities  and initiatives, he reiterated.

IGBC through its holistic green building rating programmes facilities energy savings of 40 to 50% and water savings of 20 to 30% vis-à-vis conventional buildings, he said. Mr Uberoi informed that the State of Rajasthan has over 90 IGBC green building projects, amounting to over 104 million sq ft of registered green building footprint in the Country. IGBC aspires to facilitate 10 billion sq.ft of green building footprint by 2022 (75th year of India’s Independence) and the State of Rajasthan will continue to play a catalytic role in making this a reality, he added.

We now have a compelling business case for green buildings, said Mr Uberoi. Today, the incremental cost of a commercial green building which is about 3 to 4 %, gets paid back within 2 to 3 years with substantial reduction in operational costs, he added. Green buildings also enhance the health and wellbeing of building occupants, he underlined.  

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