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The 5-day Theatre festival ‘Natyotsav’ began at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) with the staging of ‘Solah Sanskaar’ directed by Mr. Major Mishra and written by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singhdev. The festival is being held in collaboration with North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala.

The play depicted the ancient tradition of sixteen rites (Solaha Sanskaar), with a narrative between a ‘Guru’ and ‘Shishya’. The rites from conception to burial and reincarnation or rebirth are explained in a simplified manner. These included social, cultural, spiritual and scientific traditions developed in ancient times. The folk tradition of rites and customs across the different regions of India is reflected through the theatrical drama. The play beautifully blends Punjabi, Bundeli, Hariyanvi and Bhojpuri folk music and songs. Elements of ‘Natyashastra’ with the techniques of contemporary and modern theatre have also been portrayed.

The play was presented by Shree Natyam- The Group of Sanskrit Drama from Bhopal. The cast of the play included – Anupam Shukl, Navpreet Moti, Kalpit Tanwar, Chaman Bansal, among others.


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