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Viewers delved further into the tribal art featuring intricate gold work on the concluding day of the ‘Thewa Art’ online session by renowned Thewa artist, Mr Rajendra Soni today. The session was held on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. The artist worked further on jewellery items created in ‘Thewa Art’. He explained the step by step process involved in the art form.

The artist explained that traces of Thewa art travelled from Pratapgarh, can be found in museums across the world. Jewellery items for women like long necklaces, jewellery for sculptures, armlets, and complete sets can be created. Kundan and diamond work can be also done on it. For men, coat or ‘Sherwani’ buttons, brooches, and tie pins can be made in ‘Thewa art’. Women of the family are also involved in the making and selling of ‘Thewa Art’.

He further demonstrated the art form on a ‘Sindoor’ box. He said that a frame similar to the art piece is prepared first. This frame is then welded on a gold sheet which is fixed to a lac-resin spread on a wooden board. This lac spread is handmade within the family depending on the season. In summer, it is a strong spread and in winters it is softer. The pressed lac is slightly warmed to affix the gold sheet onto it. A range of mini tools are used to pierce different designs and patterns through the gold sheets by cutting off pieces of gold to create the intricate design. The gold that is removed after cutting is melted and re-used for another piece.

Tomorrow, 18 August, ‘Bharava Art’ online session by artist, Mr Rajesh Bharava from Pratapgarh will be organised. It will be held on Zoom and JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm.

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