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IoT can be perceived as a triangle consisting of technology, process used by the technology and the people it benefits. There is a need for IoT to be integrated and its niche use in each department needs to be identified in order to generate value out of the information and data collected through it. This was stated by the Secretary – Science & Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Ms Mugdha Sinha while addressing the 3rd Rajasthan IoT Summit organized virtually by FICCI Rajasthan State Council today. The Summit was themed on ‘Demystifying the Potential of IoT’.

Talking about the importance of IoT, the Secretary said that IoT has become deeply embedded in our lives and there are two prime objectives for which IoT is required – saving lives and preventing damage. Ms. Sinha further said that security and privacy are two major concerns of IoT and the policy makers as well as the industry need to work in tandem to address these issues and benefit the common stakeholders — the citizens.

In his opening remarks, Conference Chair, Rajasthan IoT Summit and Founder & CEO, Pinnacle Infotech, Mr Bimal Patwari said that IoT opens up new avenues for employment. There is a need to revamp the curriculum in schools and colleges in order to make optimum use of the opportunities being generated by IoT. He also emphasized on the need for a safe, secure and robust cyber security system.

Throwing light on the best practices of IoT and how it is working well for global organizations, Global Head – Strategy & Business Development, IoT Business Unit, Tata Consultancy Services, Mr Raja Shanmugam said that IoT offers immense potential for organizations to transform themselves. He listed three essential steps in order to tap this potential – Business Value Focus, Involving Right Stakeholders and Creating Structured Roadmap. There is a need to respond to physical context with digital intelligence in order to unlock exponential value, he added.

Founder & CEO, Data Ingenious Global Ltd, Dr Ajay Data said that even though it has been 20 years since the invention of the term IoT, we are yet to fulfill the vision of IoT. The definition that has been in use of IoT is redundant and does not capture the essence of the concept. There is a need to move ahead from the old definition and look at anything that has the ability to sense with the least human intervention as IoT. For instance, air quality sensors, smoke detectors, helmet crash sensors etc. can be categorized as IoT.

Managing Director – Technology Consulting, PwC India, Mr Ankur Basu said that IoT is no longer a hype as it used to be five years ago. It is now being adopted across every industry vertical. The primary objective of IoT is to optimize assets in addition to improving the reliability of operations. To ensure a higher success rate, he suggested steps such as adopting business-led technology transformation approach, focusing on inclusivity and design, among others.

Plenary Session – ‘Emerging Trends of IoT’

The inaugural session was followed by a plenary session themed ‘Emerging Trends of IoT’. During this session Senior Director & Chief Expert – Product, Management, SAP Labs India, Mr PVN Pavankumar gave a detailed presentation on how IoT is emerging as the new IT for enterprises. He also highlighted the IoT global market.

Vice President & Chief Growth Officer, Pinnacle Infotech, Mr Somesh Gupta talked about IoT for construction and facilities management. He said that IoTs are revolutionizing the industry across three phases – design, building and operations.

COO, Skylo Technologies, Mr Angira Agrawal talked in length about how IoTs can be made affordable and accessible for the masses.

Senior Vice President & Head IoT CoE, Happiest Minds, Mr Huzefa Saifee shared his insight on how IoT is at the forefront of transforming enterprises in the energy sector.

Head – Digital Enterprise, Siemens Limited, Mr Sameer Prakash threw light on the key challenges being faced by the manufacturing enterprises and the need for holistic digitalization to address these challenges.

The session was chaired by Head – Business Development & Marketing, Mahindra World City (Jaipur) Ltd, Mr Anuj Bindal. He said that owing to Covid-19, IoT has been a big disruptor and it has been playing a big role in data security since people are working remotely.

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