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Help in Suffering (HIS), a 41-year old organization in Jaipur that has been treating, rehabilitating, and rehoming community and abandoned animals has constructed its state-of-the-art Foster Room. It is a trauma centre specialized for young animals and birds that need intensive care. The Trauma Centre was inaugurated by Behroze Singh, the Founder of Cot-tons Jaipur and a friend of Help in Suffering. Trustees, friends, supporters, and animal lovers attended the inauguration.

A significant portion of animals that are brought to the shelter are pups, kittens, and birds. These need constant care and attention. The 820-sq feet foster room is equipped for this purpose and manned round the clock. The foster room was designed by Bhavya Gaur, a young and upcoming architect of Jaipur. HIS vets, the care team, and managers contributed to the functional aspects of the foster center. JMC Project LTD Mumbai and Shrimati Preeti Seth in the memory of her late husband Shri Omkar Nath Seth funded the construction of the building.

“We are thrilled to have this state-of-the-art foster room facility for the young ones because they need more than just treatment. The care and attention they will get here will be commensurate with the love of a mother. The foster room will offer a stress—free environment where the little ones can be playful and naughty, just as young ones of any species.” said Managing Trustee, Timmie Kumar.


About Help in Suffering:

Help In Suffering is a registered Indian charitable trust working for the benefit of the animals of Jaipur. It was founded by Crystal Rogers in 1980 on two acres of land in south Jaipur and has grown into a large animal welfare organisation with a number of projects based within the com-pound. A specialised Camel Rescue Centre has been built at Bassi, a village on the Agra road, to serve draught camels. Inside the peaceful, garden-like grounds of our compound, Help in Suffering provides refuge for many animals, works as a veterinary hospital treating all species, and aims to re-home as many unowned animals as possible.

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