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The newly refurbished ‘Graphic arts studios’ of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is teaching non-toxic techniques of Linocut printmaking. Linocut is the offshoot variant of woodcut print making which uses a sheet of linoleum as the background surface. The workshop conducted by Ms. Kavita Shah of Chaap Foundation is teaching the students an alternative process for linocut print making which is non-toxic and sustainable.

As many as 5 students took part in the workshop and learned the beautiful and intricate technique of Linocut. The workshop began with a demonstration of the various carving techniques and tools. After this, the participants were each given a linoleum sheet in which they carved out their designs. The sheets were then rolled on by hand with black ink using a roller. A piece of paper was then placed on top of the linoleum sheet and using a wooden spoon prints were rubbed out.

Ms. Shah said that by using the new medium – Linoleum sheet, the artiste has a larger surface area to work with and can make multiple designs. However, because the material is softer than wood, multiple prints cannot be done as the rubber gets worn out. It is however a very simple process where you need only to rub with a spoon to get prints. The artiste also has the major advantage of editing their design and adding more details even after the first print has been rubbed out.

She further added that “The best part of print making is you get to play with multiple images and create something new each time. Also, what is on the right comes out on the left and what you start off doing is never what you get. That feeling of not knowing the outcome is definitely the joy of print making”

It is to be recalled that ‘Linocut’ is the 3rd workshop in the series of 4 workshops scheduled at JKK in the months of February and March. All workshops being conducted majorly focus on the use of non-toxic materials by not using resin and nitric acid to help protect the environment during disposal of these materials. The upcoming workshop on ‘Etching’ will be held from 26 to 31 March.

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