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The Pink City witnessed a splendid evening at Albert Hall. The World Story Telling Day was celebrated as eight people from the city from diverse backgrounds weaved magic with their words. Entitled ‘GATHA : TERI MERI KAHANI’, the story telling event was organized by the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. of Rajasthan in association with Rajat Book Corner and Booknook.

Among the speakers were Dr. Shweta, Avjot Singh Ghai, Alka Bhatnagar, Dr. Ram Gulati, Aanchal Singh, Ashish Meghvashi, Prateek Agarwal, Rapperiya Balam, Vishal Gupta and Dr. Bhavya Soni. The event witnessed a mélange of storytelling, story creating, story rapping as well as Urdu nazm recital.

Story teller, Shweta, narrated a tale of the pressure implied by the society on an Indian girl to marry at an early age. A musical storytelling performance ‘Hariyala banao, Naadan Banao’ by Rapperiya Balam was enjoyed by the audience as many others expressed their own stories in unique story telling forms. The youngest story teller was as 7 year old who enthralled the audience with his innocence.

Mohit Batra, owner of Rajat Book Corner expressed that the idea for this event is to rekindle the art of storytelling which is losing its meaning and beauty in the tech savvy age.

The venue complemented the show, which itself is a symbol of fascinating stories from our cultural and historical past.

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