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Recently installed art installation in Albert Hall has awakened the curiosity of the visitors. The mask art installation has been established with the aim of bringing awareness among the people towards preserving the monuments and the cultural heritage of the country. This installation, built under the ‘Design Conclave 2020’ organized by the Department of Science and Technology and Design Cohort of the Government of Rajasthan, is based on contemporary art and is inspired by the social distancing protocol of Covid-19.

Through the installation, people have been given the message that just like we use masks to protect ourselves against Covid virus, similarly the monuments also need to be protected from pollution and deterioration. Visitors will keep these monuments clean and if they do not spoil, then the heritage of our country will remain forever.

It is to be noted that the virtual innovation of this art installation in Albert Hall was done recently by the Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot. The installation is envisaged by the Design Cohort and a respected member of the ‘Aayojan School of Architecture’, Jaipur’s first architecture and design institute in Rajasthan. The installation was designed by V. Girish and Pratyusha under the leadership of Pooja Aggarwal of the Design Department of the institute.

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