Literary devices like symbols, metaphors, images, alliterations, allusions etc. play an important role in enhancing a poem. With the use of these devices a poem can be effectively developed. This was stated by the Jaipur poet, Jagdeep Singh, at a discussion of his poetry anthology, ‘ My Epitaph’  at ‘Pick a Book’ session in Jaipur. He was in conversation with educationist, Priyanka Jain. The duo discussed some poems from Singh’s anthology.

While  discussing the confessional poet Sylvia Plath, Singh  said that for confessional poets there was no taboo on topics. They wrote on their innermost feelings in a candid manner. Topics like mental illness, desire to commit suicide, death, love hate relationships were some of the topics on which confessional poets wrote.

Singh also outlined how his poems have developed over the years. He later answered the questions of the club members. He also informed them that his new collection of poems, which will be published shortly,  also has a number of poems on the pandemic.

It is to be noted that Akshay Goyal is the City President of the Pick a Book Club Jaipur. Earlier, in presence of the Regional Head, Operations, Anshu Harsh, the Secretary of the ‘Pick a Book’ club, Varun Bhansali and Treasurer, Ritu Sharma outlined the objectives of their organization

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