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A first of its kind ‘Lifestyle Clinic’ was inaugurated by Major General Manu Arora, MG (Med) South Western Command at the Military Hospital in Jaipur.  The initiative has been undertaken keeping in mind the vision to have consultation services of Physician, Dietician, Psychiatrist, Orthopaedician, Physiotherapist and counselling for motivation under one roof. With the intent of ‘Healthy and Fit Army’ fresh emphasis has been given to combat Lifestyle Disease by the Director General of Medical Services, Indian Army, Lt Gen Anup Banerji,SM,PHS. During his recent visit to Jaipur Military station he sensitized the environment about the diseases related to the lifestyle and need for setting up of a ‘Lifestyle Clinic’ to detect, treat and educate patients.

The clinic has amenities available for Anthropometry and initial screening, Risk stratification and laboratory investigations, Dietary counseling, Fitness and Exercise counselling and Motivation to guide a structured way of living for those affected and who do not meet the prescribed standards of the Armed Forces.

On the occasion, Major General Manu Arora, MG (Med) South Western Command said that diseases attributed to the current lifestyle have become new age epidemic. Despite having a healthy lifestyle that include regular physical activities, balanced nutritious diet and healthcare facilities Armed Forces personnel are also getting affected. It is pertinent to note that Obesity, Diabetes mellitus, Heart diseases, Depression and Cancers can be caused by unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity. The Commandant of the Military Hospital, Brig. PK Hasija was present.

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