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A young and energetic startup based in Jaipur, Rajasthan Studio isbuilding the ‘experiences’ ecosystem in India by curating unique and memorable experiences for the Indian audience in varied fields such as music, art, comedy, poetry, entrepreneur customer experiences, among others. Funded by Mumbai based Kamaai Capital, Rajasthan Studio endeavours to create a community for passionate individuals, to discover anything they want to experience across genres and geographies.

Introducing the idea and objective behind the concept, the Founder of Rajasthan Studio, Mr. Kartik Gaggar said at a press conference:
“Rajasthan Studio aims to continuously provide memorable, passion-driven experiences to everyday Indians around their geography. The current cultural, economic and social landscape of the locale will be evaluated regularly to map various pillars of experience offerings.”

He further said that the Rajasthan Studio has two broad components –Rajasthan Studio Circle and Rajasthan Studio Online Marketplace.Rajasthan Studiois an exclusive, invite-only community based in Jaipur for live experiences curated for passionate artistes of all kinds. Till date, 11 experiences have been curated at the studio with as many as 108 attendees. Some of these include – Standup Comedy and Poetry by Shivaa Naresh, Yoga with Yogini Malti Sharma, Minimalism Photography with Prakash Ghai, Percussions with Varenya Joshi, among others.

To be launched in October, Rajasthan Studio Online Marketplace is an exclusive online experiences platform. Immersive Art experiences by senior expert award-winning artistes will include art forms like Miniature Painting, Wooden Block Making, Lac Work, Enamelling, Brass Wire Inlay on Wood, Sandalwood Carving, Blue Pottery, Paper Mache, among others.

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