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The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot strongly stated that knowledge is power. And knowledge can only be derived through education. In fact, he went to the extent of saying that without education there is nothing but darkness.

The Chief Minister was speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Academic Block-2 and Hostel Complex at the Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). Also present on the occasion were Minister UDH, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Shanti Kumar Dhariwal; Minister PHED and Energy, Government of Rajasthan, Dr. BD Kalla; State Minister Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Bhanwar Singh Bhati and MLA Bagru, Ms. Ganga Devi. Chairman, Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), Mr. Ranjan Pai from the Pai family was also present.

The Chief Minister stated that it was through education and attainment of knowledge that India has become a power to reckon with. In today’s world we cannot do without IT, Wifi, mobile phones, and computers. This was the contribution of the former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who brought about a revolution in the field of communications. Rajasthan is moving forward rapidly. The Petrochemical Complex and the Refinery which are slated to come up will give a leapfrog to Rajasthan as a developed State. He compared 65 years of the Manipal Group – reaching to this stage of development – to that of India’s 70 years of progress in different fields. He complimented MUJ for having spent Rs. 1000 crores in the past 9 years and their strong will and intent to spend another Rs. 1000 crores in the next 10 years.

Rajasthan Minister of UDH, Mr. Shanti Kumar Dhariwal said that MUJ is making a name for itself in the arena of education. He urged the University to provide solutions to the Government of Rajasthan by way of their Architecture and Planning departments. He also advised the University for created more avenues of employment.

Minister PHED and Energy, Dr. BD Kalla said that the University must provide job-oriented course to the students so that they can easily get employment. He hoped that the students will also clear the Civil Services exams and become IAS officers.

State Minister Higher Education, Mr. Bhanwar Singh Bhati said that in the very first Cabinet Meeting the Chief Minister has announced 50 new Government colleges. The Government is well alive to the importance of knowledge and learning and is taking appropriate steps to foster education for all.

MLA Bagru, Ms. Ganga Devi said that MUJ is a landmark for the area towards which the aspiring students look up to as a beacon. She urged the University to provide concessions to students of the area in their fee structure.

Board Member, MUJ and Advisor MEMG,  Mr. Abhay Jain said that it was in the time of the Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Gehlot that Manipal got the challenge of beginning the University in the year 2011 itself. They managed to do it, and it has around 9000 students and is expected to have 20000 students by 2030. In terms of infrastructure MUJ stands out for being the first Digital University with around 800 cameras with a 24 hour command center. It has also won the award for having the highest rating of water conservation and 10 kms internal road network.

President, MUJ, Mr. GK Prabhu said that MUJ is known for its international standards of architecture. The newly constructed Hostel Complex has 3000 double occupancy air-conditioned rooms and is the largest hostel in North India. MUJ is Zero Discharge Campus with facilities Rain Water Harvesting, Waste water recycling and reuse, Ground Water Recharging.

Earlier, Pro-President, MUJ, Mr. N.N. Sharma delivered the Welcome Address and Registrar, MUJ, Dr. H. Ravishankar Kamath proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Earlier the Chief Minister also felicitated students for their achievements – Manini Kaushik for 10m air rifle shooting, Manish Pandey for para-athlete skilled in 100m and 200m track events and Manan for developing prosthetic hand. The architects and infrastructure developers who helped develop the MUJ also received mementoes from the Chief Minister.

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