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The 4-day ‘Young Hindi Theatre Festival’ began with the staging of Jaipur’s JKK commissioned play, ‘The Enemy Of The People’ at Ravindra Bhawan, Vasco Da Gama in Goa. The Additional Director General (ADG) of JKK, Mr. Furkan Khan; Chairman of Ravindra Bhawan, Vasco, Mr. Sanjay Satardekar; Dy. Director, Department of Art & Culture, Goa, Mr. Ashok Parab and the Director of the play, Mr. Yogendra Singh Parmar were present at the festival. The staging of the play was attended by a large number of people.

It is to be noted that this theatre festival is being organized by JKK in association with Art & Culture Department and Ravindra Bhawan, Goa. During the festival, the play ‘Daak Ghar’ directed by Sanket Jain will be staged tomorrow on 27 June. Similarly, ‘Kirtan’ directed by Ambika Kamal and ‘Meera’ directed by Sahil Ahuja will be presented on 28 and 29 June respectively. All the above plays have been commissioned by JKK.

The play ‘The Enemy Of The People’ directed by Yogendra Singh Parmar is based on the Henrik Ibsen written and famous poet and writer Nemi Chandra Jain’s modification. The message conveyed through the play is that in order to live a truthful and honest life one has to become enemy of the people. This is the bitter truth of this play and our society.

The main character of the play Dr. Abhay Kumar who is a honest and good man researches on the water coming to his colony and finds out that it is not drinkable water. When the editor of the newspaper, Ashwini, and other people get to know about this they promise to support the doctor. Doctor writes a letter about the whole situation to his brother, Amlendu Kumar who is the director of the Tap Corporation and Chairman of the Municipality. Amlendu Kumar understands the matter and tries to convince Abhay Kumar. But the doctor cannot cheat the people. The doctor gets stuck between his brother and politics. And he got framed as an Enemy of the People’ in front of everyone, by his own brother, Amlendu.

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