A 10-day long exhibition on the Living Heritage of Rajasthan is being held at the newly opened Rajasthan International Center.

As part of the exhibition, Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF) has recreated sections of its Rajasthan Music Museum for visitors at the venue. This includes displaying 15 unique folk instruments of Rajasthan like the Kamaichya, Ravanhattha, Algoza and Morchang. The display also has panels describing the various folk music communities of Rajasthan along with their history along with an audio-visual component where visitors can experience the folk music via videos in a modern take on Bioscopes.

Talking about the exhibition, Rakshat Hooja, Director, Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF) said that this was a great opportunity to share the folk traditions of Rajasthan with a wider audience. There are plans to take the exhibit to different venues across India in the near future.

The full exhibition consisting of over 60 panels, a photo display, numerous models and live demonstrations has been curated by Pooja Agarwal, Tanya Chaturvedi and Nitya Bali for the Dronah Foundation. The exhibits have been created by various partner institutions and organisations. It thematically covers the built heritage, arts, crafts and theatre of Rajasthan via a self guided route. The exhibition, with free public entry, is on display at the Rajasthan International Center till the 28 April.

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