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When she was young she realised that she had to create her own singing style, something which was different from Lata Mangeshkar, her elder sister. She was always interested in Western music by singers like Cameron Mirinda and always tried to imitate them. She would keep trying different tones, pitches and glide from one note to another in a manner uncommon to her Classical musical training. This led to her inspiration to create her niche of music which was a mix of Classical and Western compositions. This was informed by Asha Bhosle today on the second day of the Raymond MTV India Music Summit. She was speaking about the musical and life journey in the session ‘In Aankhon ki Masti Ke…’ in conversation with lyricist, screenwriter and Mentor of the Summit, Prasoon Joshi. Asha further said “Need is a person’s biggest determiner on the course of direction their life takes. Need led me to sing any type of song that was offered to me. Any kind of song is like ‘God’ for me and I make it sure to add shine of my own to anything song that falls into my hands. One needs to immerse oneself in music and keep working hard.” Talking about maintaining a balance between family life and music, Asha further said that I never faced any restrictions when it came to maintaining my musical­ career along with supporting my family. However, after I lost my husband, I realised it was difficult to be both a mother and a father to my children. But I never stopped and I never once thought of leaving or sacrificing my family to move ahead in my musical career. 

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