If the annual day of an organization is to renew and introspect: it sure was for the Help in Suffering (HIS). As ‘HIS’ completed a whopping 42 years of its existence, the dedicated members aptly recalled its sterling performance in terms of rescuing animals, treating them and looking after their welfare.

Witness this: ‘HIS’rescues animals in and around Jaipur 24X7. As many as 80 thousand dogs have been neutered and splayed in past 25 years. What is more, thanks to their rescuing stray dogs, Jaipur today is near rabies free for past 12 years. HIS’s Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme is considered as best in the country and third best in the world. It has been running for the past 26 years.

Located in Durgapura, their facility spread over 1.5 acres has 45 members in their on-ground team( veterinary doctors, caregivers, managers) who rescue animals and look after their welfare and treatment.

Presently the facility is home to dogs, cats, camels, kites, pigeons, monkeys, parakeets and even a horse undergoing surgeries at Durgapura. ‘HIS’ also has a professionally run Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi  mainly to rehabilitate camels and equines.

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