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Rajasthan enjoys the distinct privilege of indigenous Marwari horses which are known for endurance rather than speed. These horses were especially popular during the war times in ancient India.  The forthcoming ‘Gallops of India’ will host 70 riders divided into 14 teams from 16 countries who will cover an equestrian trail of 200kms in 5 days. During this endurance equestrian race, riders will have the opportunity to witness the living desert as they pass through the beautiful and scenic landscapes of Rajasthan. This was stated by organizer, Mr. Angad Mandawa at a press conference for the forthcoming ‘Gallops of India’ at Mandawa Haveli in Jaipur .

Organiser, Mr. Benoit Perrier said that each team has 5 riders who will be travelling across the sand dunes and the majestic but diverse landscape of Rajasthan. They will cover 40kms every day and maintain an average speed of 8kms/hr.  At the end of each day, the riders will rest for the night at the campsite. Here the horses will undergo health check-ups by vets. The riders will have to ensure they are traveling neither too fast nor too slow. They will also need to make sure that their horse suffers minimal injuries or does not get fatigued. ‘Gallops of India’ is a mixed competition, the participants of which include both male and female riders.

Organiser, Mr. Bady Kébir said that this is an international event which will witness participation from countries like – USA, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, among others. The competition features mostly amateur riders who wish to experience the equestrian culture. The skilled riders of the competition will include 61st Cavalry who will be riding for the Indian team and the royal riders of Oman. Rajasthan as a location has been chosen keeping in mind the vibrant and colourful culture, traditions, landscapes and people of the State. This event will also help promote what Rajasthan as a State has to offer the world in terms of tourism.

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