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Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet



Kota, 25 May: Farmers need to have a hands-on experience of modern agricultural technology in order for them to visualize its use in their fields. The 3-day Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet (GRAM) in Kota will offer the farmers a platform to witness the agricultural strengths of Rajasthan. This was informed by the Minister for State Energy, Law & Legal Affairs and Legal Consultancy Office, Mr. Pushpendra Singh at a seminar on the second day of GRAM in Kota today. He further added that it is imperative to educate the farmers on methods of good crop cultivation by less water usage and crop diversification.

The seminar ‘Sustainable Innovations for Intensive Animal Husbandry’ chaired by Secretary to the Government, Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries & Gopalan, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Ajitabh Sharma there were discussions on various aspects like Dairy, Beekeeping and Fisheries.

Suggestions like genetic improvement of cattle, nutritional and reproductive management of the cattle; allowing leasing, contract and cooperative farming; developing logistics and infrastructural facilities; diversification of agro-climatic conditions; enhanced fish production through biodiversity conservation, among others were given by subject experts. These suggestions were aimed at encouraging the farmers to participate in the practice of intensive animal husbandry.

The speakers in the session were Principal Scientist, NDRI, Dr. Gopal Sankhala; Executive Director, National Bee Board, Dr. B L Saraswat; Principal Scientist, Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Mr. D K Meena.

About ‘Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet 2017, Kota’ (GRAM)

GRAM Kota will be held from 24 to 26 May 2017 at RAC Parade Ground, Shivpura, Kota in Rajasthan. The event is being jointly organised by the Government of Rajasthan and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

Government of Rajasthan looks forward to replicate GRAM 2016’s accomplishment at Kota in Rajasthan. One of the core objectives of GRAM Kota would be to expose the farmers of the Kota Division to best agriculture practices and define the next qualitative leap in Kota’s agriculture growth story.

The event will bring all stakeholders – farmers from in and around Kota, academicians, technologists, agribusiness companies and policy makers.


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