Curtain Raiser Press Release

Jaipur, October 26: The art and culture hub of the Pink City, Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) will celebrate Diwali on Friday, 28 October from 6 pm to 8 pm. Around 100 folk musicians, dancers and artistes will be presenting their performances simultaneously at the different venues of JKKon the occasion.

The programme will commence with Shehnai Vaadan at the entrance followed by lighting of diyasby the art lovers and visitors at JKK. The folk cultural performance will begin with Kishangarh’s Chari dance presentation by a group led by Virendra Singh and Rajendra Rao.

Another popular Rajasthani folk dance hailing from Marwar – ‘Gair’ – will also be performed. Similarly, a ‘Ghumar’ traditional dance performance led by Namita Jain will also be held. Rajasthani folk dances of Bhavai and Kachchi Ghodi will also be performed in the celebrations.

Also in store are performances on musical instruments like Nagada, Alghoza, Dhol Thali, Bankia, Ravanahatha, among others.

The entry to the Diwali Celebration at JKK is open to all.

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