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60 people of Jaipur registered as bone marrow donors


Jaipur, 17 May: Founder of ‘The Arjan Vir Foundation’, Ms. Simi Singh was in Jaipur today to spread awareness about bone marrow donations as well as register donors. A donation camp was set up at Shaheed Amit Bhardwaj Memorial Park with the objective of giving information relating to bone marrow transplant and its crucial role in curing life threatening diseases like leukemia and other genetic disorders. The camp was organised for the second time in Jaipur and registered 60 donors today.

Telling about the awareness programme, Ms. Singh said: “Oral mouth swabs are used to collect sample cells from inside the cheeks of the donors. These samples are then sent to labs in the USA for DNA analysis and registration in the World Marrow Donors Association (WMDA). WMDA is a bone marrow registry which helps hospitals find a gene match for bone marrow transplant for patients.”

It is to be noted that ‘The Arjan Vir Foundation’ has been established two years ago by Ms. Simi Singh in memory of her son, Late Mr. Arjan Singh who passed away from leukemia. The foundation was set up with the aim of helping all those suffering from any kind of blood disorders and in need of BMTs, to find their matching HLA and also council patients and their families. Currently, the foundation has a database of 12,000 Indians.


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