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The first-ever Cycle Polo League in India witnessed energetic matches on its second day at the Rajasthan Polo Club. The league is being organized by the Cycle Polo Federation of India (CPFI).

Tyka Warriors Vs. Royal Tigers

‘Tyka Warriors’ defeated the ‘Royal Tigers’ by 17-7 goals. From the team Tyka Warriors, ‘Assaru’ scored 12, Jijiraj scored 3, Santosh scored 1 and Nikhil scored 1 during the game. Similarly, from ‘Royal Tigers’ Anshad scored 4 and Gulshan scored 3 goals.

Royal Lion Central Bank of India Vs. Dundlod Safari Knights

‘Royal Lion Central Bank of India’ defeated the ‘Dundlod Safari Knights’ by 15-04 goals. From the team ‘Royal Lion Central Bank of India’, Anfar scored 6, Shivkumar scored 6, Harmal Baged scored 3 goals during the same. Similarly, in the team ‘Dundlod Safari Knights’, Vishnu S. scored 3 and Vishnu scored 1 goal.

Tyka Warriors Vs. Dundlod Safari & Burari Tuskers

‘Tyka Warriors’ defeated the ‘Dundlod Safari & Burari Tuskers’ by 17-08 goals. From the team ‘Tyka Warriors’, Jijiraj scored 7, Assaru scored 5, Nikhil scored 3 and Santosh scored 2 goals. From the ‘Dundlod Safari Knights & Burari Tuskers’ Vishnu S. scored 5, Alam scored 2 and Vishnu scored 1 goal.

It is to be recalled that the league will witness the participation of 5 teams comprising of a total of 30 Indian and 8 foreign players. During the 5-day league tournament, there will also be display of equestrian martial art, tent pegging, horse dance etc.

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