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A 20 day long visual storytelling workshop — ‘Visual Stories’, conducted at Jawahar Kala Kendra as a part of the Junior Summer Prorgramme, concluded on Thursday under the mentorship of resource person Dr Tabeenah Anjum. In the workshop around 20 participants of age group 8-17 years learnt observing a visual or a photograph and layer weaving a story around it. Students explored visuals around them and translated those into a story. Apart from learning creative writing children at the workshop were also taught basics of photography and operating a camera.

As a part of the curriculum students were taken for a guided tour to Albert Hall. The aim was to introduce them to the historic relevance of art. “The objective of the workshop was to create an artistic and imaginative streak in the children through their photos and writing. Each student has created a scrapbook which reflects the process he went through the entire workshop “, Tabeenah Anjum said .

Students deposited their scrapbooks at the Jawahar Kala Kendra which will be displayed at the exhibition to be held by the end of the summer camp in June 2019. “The workshop helped me to stimulate my thought process and helped to visualise things in better way. Now I can write a story of my own and also take a picture along with it”, Vanisha , a participant shared.

Just before the workshop got over a feedback form was given to the children which was filled by their parents who also met the resource person on the last and held an informal conversation about their ward and his performance.

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