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– Dr. Ragini Kanodia

Gynecologist, Kanodia Hospital


Breast cancer is often thought of something that can happen only to women. It is, however, a rare but possible condition that breast cancer can also occur in men of young ages with or without a hereditary background of the disease in the family. This was informed by Gynaecologist, Kanodia Hospital, Dr. Ragini Kanodia. She was addressing an outreach programme on ‘Breast Cancer Awareness and Self-Examination’ held at Subodh Girls’ College in Sanganer today. The session was organised by the MBA PM Programme students of IIHMR University in Jaipur.

Dr. Kanodia further informed that breast cancer is the 2nd most leading cause of death in the world and also the 2nd most common form of cancer. It is very common for young girls with a sedentary lifestyle and heavy alcohol consumption to have the possibility of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease, however, can be combatted in the initial stages with routine self-examinations, mammograms and regular check-ups with your local gynecologist.  Speaking about the current challenges in India, she highlighted that the rising number of cases being diagnosed at a young age and lack of awareness are the glaring challenges our country is facing regarding breast cancer.

Later Dr. Kanodia held an interactive session on how to conduct a self-examination to detect breast cancer in its early stages. The students were also introduced to a new product called ‘Mamofeel’, gloves for breasts self-examination. ‘Mamofeel’ will help in early detection of breast cancer and find any difference in breasts. She also answered medical related questions posed by various students at the programme. Earlier, Associate Professor, IIHMR-U, Dr. Sandeep Narula welcomed the students and gave an overview of the topic.

It is worth noting that these ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ camps have already been organised in Mahatma Gandhi College in Sitapura and BSNL office in Indore. The students of IIHMR-U also plan to take the programme to other areas in order to sensitise and engage the female population at the community level.

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