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Quarantine center plays a very important role in fighting infectious epidemics like COVID-19. Seeing the importance of these centers, Maharani Divya Kumari of Bharatpur Royal Family has proposed to give land to the district administration. Divya Kumari, through a letter to the Bharatpur District Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Nathmal Didel, has proposed to give the land of the ‘Kothi Ijilas Khas’ and ‘Moti Mahal Complex’ of the royal family to the district administration for converting it into a temporary quarantine center. In her letter, Divya Kumari has said “The Bharatpur Royal Family has family relations with the people here for 15 generations. The suffering and distress of the people is our own.” She also appreciated the work being done by the district administration, police administration, medical department and other individuals and institutions in this era of the Corona epidemic.

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