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A whopping 250 art exhibits by over 200 students were showcased at Hotel ITC Rajputana. This was a part of a specialgroup art exhibition ‘Art with a Heart’ by the students of Jayshree Periwal Group of Schools. It was inaugurated by the Director General of Police, Rajasthan, Dr. Bhupendra Singh. The objective of the exhibition was creating awareness about contemporary social issues. On the occasion, Dr. Bhupendra Singh said that though he himself was not a good student of Art, he greatly admired the exquisite art exhibits made by the students. Aside from talent, it requires a huge amount of patience and hard work, he said.

The walls and corridors of the hotel were adorned with thought-provoking, intuitive and innovative works by students from Primary Year Programme (PYP) to Grade 12. The students of the school demonstrated their talents through oil and acrylic paintings, installations and sculptures. The highlight of the exhibition was the live portrait and live illustrations, which won the hearts and accolades of the visitors. The prominent themes were perspective, music, culture, festivals and elements of life.

Talking about the exhibition, Chairperson, Jayshree Periwal Group of Schools, Ms. Jayshree Periwal said that ‘Art with a Heart’ is a result of the laborious work of passionate young artists who have dabbled in vibrant colours and sketched till the ink ran out. The magnificent results are a reflection of their inspirations and emotions. She further added that her schools are committed to creating new artists and visionaries who will change the world and make it a more inhabitable place.

The art exhibition was attended by art aficionada, authors, students and their parents. Many of the young artists were seen discussing their exhibits with the enthusiasts and providing insights. As an initiative of giving back to the society, all proceeds from the exhibition will go to charitable organisations.

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