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A Live demonstration on ‘Freehand Mandalas’ was conducted by senior civil servant and artist, Ms. Mugdha Sinha in Sukriti Gallery in JKK today. The demonstration was a part of Ms. Sinha’s ongoing two-in-one art exhibition –‘Bottle is Canvas’ and ‘Freehand Meditative Mandalas’. The exhibition showcases several series of Mandalas – black on white, white on black, coloured on white and coloured on colour. Around 200 Mandalas are being exhibited on different themes like floral, vibgyor, inspired lattice and crochet work, illustrative, tribal art, minimalistic, cosmic dance, intricate and geometric mandala. Since the opening of the exhibition, it has been attended by several bureaucrats and administrators like – Ms. Mamta Bhupesh, Mr. Niranjan Kumar Arya, Ms. Sangeeta Arya, Ms. Sreya Guha, Mr. Sandeep Verma, Mr. Nishant Jain, Mr. P.C. Kishan, Mr. Navin Jain, Ms. Tina Dabi, and others.

During the live demonstration, she painted a black on white Mandala as a part of the ‘Fish Series’. The demonstration began with the artist drawing a series of circles on paper measured into a square. After drawing the basic outline of the mandala, she drew designs in it using black sketch pens of different sizes. The lines and circles acted as guidelines and through the process of repetition, the artist created a beautiful Mandala. The process of drawing a mandala requires extreme concentration and patience. It puts one into a meditative state.

On the occasion, Ms. Sinha said: “I believe that we exist before our professional lives and need to first see ourselves as a human being. I have attempted to keep the human within me flourishing along with the administrator. Art keeps me alive brings me happiness. Material things have no value in life. We come into life and accomplish a lot but we cannot take anything back with us when we die. However, I want to take the artistic skills which I have honed in this lifetime with me to the next. Jawahar Kala Kendra has always been a very inspiring place for me. I would keep visiting the place even when I did not work here. Lockdown was a great period for me. I had a lot of time to work on my art.”

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