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A Live demonstration on ‘Bottle Art’ was conducted by senior civil servant and artist, Ms. Mugdha Sinha in Sukriti Gallery in JKK today. The demonstration was a part of Ms. Sinha’s ongoing two-in-one art exhibition –‘Bottle is Canvas’ and ‘Freehand Meditative Mandalas’. The exhibition showcases bottle art which has been done on empty discarded bottles of different shapes and varieties. The artist has done series on floral, tribal and Madhubani art as well as collections on decoupage, Halloween, stylized leaves and multi-hued flowers. She has also painted doors and cityscapes on bottles and showcased her talent in other themes as well. The exhibitions will be on till 14 April from 11 am to 6 pm every day.

The artist began the live demonstration by giving a brief on the different materials used for bottle art. This included – brushes of different sizes, acrylic water based paints, soap, tissues and a water spray. She began by painting the base of the bottle. Thereafter, she allowed each layer to dry and proceeded to paint different designs on the bottle to decorate it.

On the occasion, Ms. Sinha said: “I have been making my art for a long time now but I never worked thinking I would put up an exhibition some day. My art brings me happiness and helps me relax after a long day. After I complete all my daily tasks for the day, I like to sit and take the time to paint my bottles. It helps refresh my mind. I am inspired by the beauty of nature all around me. I feel that art provokes you and acts as a wonderful medium of communication.”

Tomorrow (11 April) from 3 pm to 5 pm, Ms. Sinha will conduct a live demonstration for Mandala Art in the Sukriti Gallery in JKK.

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