Curtain Raiser Press Release

A unique fusion music and Kathak dance ensemble entitled ‘Vrindan’ will be heldtomorrow at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) tomorrow. To be held in collaboration with the band ‘Impulse’, the programme has been produced and directed by Arunangshu Chaudhary and Archana Singh. The 80 minutes performance will witness the performances of traditional rare Indian percussionists on instruments like Nakkara, Srikhol, Tabla, Pakhawaj and Saringi. A Kathak dance will also presented along with the music performance.

The artistes who will be participating in the performance are Arunangshu Chaudhury on Tabla and Hand sonic, Ritesh Pathak on Vocals and harmonium, Mani Prasad on Nakkara, Sujoy Chakraborty on Srikhol, Salman Khan on Pakhawaj. The Kathak dance will be presented by Ms. Archana Singh.

The programme will be held tomorrow at 7 pm at Rangayan Auditorium of JKK. The entry to the event is complimentary and on first come and first serve basis.

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