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The ‘Virtual Expo’, one of the major highlights of ‘Vastra 2020’, is offering highly advanced virtual booths for exhibitors to showcase their products. The online platform has been designed to give the delegates and buyers a real-event feel of being at an expo. Exhibitors have been embedded to the virtual expo by adding their online store to their virtual booths. These booths also have images of products, video playlists, social media integration, web links, card exchange as well as live engagement tools to facilitate smooth B2B interaction. This form of the most-up-to-date online exhibition is an ideal platform to make ‘Vastra 2020’ accessible to significantly more people across the globe at a time when travel and physical events are restricted.

The textile fair is being jointly organized by Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The mega-event will be on till 27 September and the portal will be live till 7 October.

Managing Director (MD) of RIICO, Mr. Ashutosh A.T. Pednekar explained that at the virtual expo, booths have been designed to meet the individualistic needs of each exhibitor. These booths have been categorized into garments, home furnishings, fabric & trim suppliers and Rajasthan artisan’s pavillion. At the virtual expo, exhibitors are able to have one-to-one dialogue sessions with buyers through chat, audio or video calls. They are also able to download e-brochures, visiting cards or other required documents in digital format and leave feedback for the booths they visit.

The MD further explained that exhibitors are able to reach their target buyers via mobile, laptop or desktop from their office or any place. This expo is providing the exhibitors with business networking opportunities in the same way as they would get networking opportunities at the exhibition site in a general expo.

Exhibitors are getting many benefits from this virtual expo. They are able to meet qualified leads and their exposure is truly global so, the exhibitors are able to contact more and more people. The virtual expo is also saving on the expenses in logistics, lodging and boarding and enabling negotiations with significantly more visitors, which is not possible at the general expo.

The event is showcasing a wide range of products such as garments and apparels, masks and medical suits including technical textiles, fibers, yarns and fabrics, home textiles and made ups, ethnic trends and home furnishings, textiles and fashion accessories etc. The event is being attended by textile and apparel product buyers, users, traders, importers and exporters, plant and machinery suppliers and users, current industry players, fashion designers, new investors, builders, interior designers, hotels, hospitals and institutional. There are also delegations from the country and the State along with buyers, scientists, consultants and students.

It is to be noted that the ongoing ‘Vastra 2020′, based on clothing and apparel, is a virtual trade fair, which aims to revive existing business relationships and build new business relationships.

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