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The purpose of education is that along with knowledge one must also be skilled. This is why in the National Educational Policy (NEP), employment-oriented education has been linked to skill development. This will help students gain much needed skills at the beginning of their education and the benefits of their experience and knowledge can be passed on to others. This was stated by the Governor of Rajasthan, Shri Kalraj Mishra, who was the Chief Guest.He was addressing the Online Webinar on Industry-Academia Interface held on the virtual platform today. The programme was organized by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) in association with Bhardwaj Foundation Jaipur and Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was attended by heads of various universities and industry stalwarts. The program was coordinated by Founder President, Bharadwaj Foundation, Mr. PM Bharadwaj.

The Governor further said that the educational system has been lacking practical orientation, skill-based education, vocational education and value-based education for a long time. This was why the youth was unable to find jobs despite getting a degree. To overcome the practical shortcomings of the old education policy, NEP expands the student’s basic understanding of subjects and vocational skills keeping in mind the requirement of the industry.  

President Manipal University Jaipur, Prof. (Dr) GK Prabhu said that for many years it has been said that the graduates are not ready for the industry. However, no concrete steps were being taken to address this gap between academia and industry. The curriculum must be revised with competent flexibility, relevance, and fun in learning. More emphasis should be given to internship and practice school. Industry persons with a flair for academia can be invited as adjunct faculty to the campus. Sabbaticals can be given to faculty to visit the industry so that they can bring back work culture to the institution.

Honorary Secretary General, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce, and Industry, Dr. K.L. Jain said that only when there will be an interface between academia and industry, will the universities be able to fulfill the needs of the industry. Vocational education is very important to stop rural to urban migration. The NEP focuses on the intellectual development of the child along with providing the complete philosophy of Indian culture.

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