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As a part of the 13th day of the ongoing ‘Online Learning – Children’s Summer Festival, a talk on ‘Theatre’ was held by theatre artistes, Sartaj Mathur and Vishal Bhatt.  During the talk, Mr. Mathur shared his journey as a theatre actor and then a director, his experience as a workshop director as well as essential elements of theatre.

Mr. Sartaj Mathur said that two main elements an actor uses to deliver the best performance is ‘voice’ and ‘body’. Voice is of utmost important in theatre. Until one’s voice comes from the diaphragm, his dialogues will not have any force. Workshops should primarily focus on voice training for actors first and foremost. One must first release the voice from the diaphragm, modulate the dialogue in the mouth and only then will the voice become beautiful. Actors must also have good knowledge of subtext. The meaning behind a particular dialogue will help in conveying the story. Correct pauses, punctuation is also essential.

He further said that competitions are very important to see and understand what others are doing. More competitions should be organised on different categories to encourage artistes to showcase their talent on the right platform. Similarly, it is also very important to connect children with workshops. They should be given the freedom to perform and create as per their will and not be spoon-fed. They should decide their costumes, ideas, plot, music and other elements go into making a theatre production. Sometimes working with children can be difficult but it is the job of the instructor to guide the child and encourage them to deliver their best performance.

Due to technical issues today’s the scheduled session of Jawahar Kala Kendra’s Online Learning on ‘Theatre’ by Dr. Sayeed Alam did not take place.

Programme on Monday, 1 June

On Monday, 1 June, there will be a visual arts online learning session on ‘Abstract Painting’ by artist, Ms. Nikhat Tasneem Quazi from 10 am to 11 am. The session will focus on teaching the fundamental elements that come together to create a successful abstract painting. Viewers will learn about colouring, layering, composition and much more during the session. They will also develop their abstract style and experience the freedom of painting.

It is to be noted that the online learning session will be Live on JKK’s Facebook page on

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