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Chai & Chat sessions with design experts at Jaipur Design Show

A unique aspect of the Jaipur Design Show ‘NinedotSquares’ was the Chai & Chat Sessions with design experts over topics relating to both traditional and contemporary design. These were attended by students, design enthusiasts as well as industry stalwarts.

In the session, artist Alex Davis, renowned for his expertise in metal art and craft, showcased his latest artwork collection to the audience. His work was highly inspired by the Mother Nature as he had made stainless steel, brass and copper installations of rose, marigold and lily flowers.

As the session progressed he confessed his fascination for the local African tribes and their inherent culture. He also illustrated his artwork entitled ‘Dented Painted’ which was the result of his travel on Indian road. His work is derived from auto-rickshaws and truck-carts. He has done 6 collections to date which are inspired by the World around him.

Similarly, Founder of Studio Lotus, Mr. Ankur Choksi; Fashion Designer, Anupamaa Dayal, and designer, Ayush Kasliwal discussed Indian Design Sensibility – Inspirations and Interpretations.

Ankur shared his over 19 years of professional experience in handling diverse projects such as Retail and Hospitality environments, Workspaces, Brand Experiences and Narrative-based Experiential design for Events, Exhibitions & Museums. A Graduate in Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Ankur said that his passion lies in stretching the conceptual possibilities of a project and its translation all the way to the last detail of the project.

Renowned Fashion Designer, Anupamaa Dayal shared her experience of the revival of ancient hand printing techniques. She shared her philosophy of achieving a truly international appearance but with a soul that is Indian. She creates styles that bring together nature, history, and modernism.

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