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As a part of the French Embassy in India’s ongoing ‘Wall Art Festival’, renowned French muralist, Fabien Poes, popularly known as Mr. Poes, is creating live wall art in the village of Jobner in Rajasthan from 13 November to 15 November. Mr Poes is painting his work on a cluster of 7-10 walls as having done previously in Brazil. Mr Poes is an artist who works with mythology and mythmaking. This project focuses on popular mythologies linked with goddess Kali, both benevolent and terrifying. In Rajasthan, the festival is being organised by Alliance Francaise Jaipur.

Sharing more details, Director, Alliance Francaise Jaipur, Ms Sanjana Sarkar said that while selecting a mythological scenario it was also essential to not enter into a religious discourse which can be sensitive. Kali, which is a universal theme, embodies empowerment which is captured brilliantly through Poes’ work. With its rich history, heritage and its own share of culture and mythology, the village of Jobner offers the perfect setting for creating this wall art. The project has been made possible with the support of historian and author Prof. Khangarot who runs a school for first-generation learners in Jobner many of whom come from a marginalised background. Poes is working with these children on his art. This community project is being carried out with the consent and participation of the villagers of Jobner.

It is to be noted that the second edition of the Wall Art Festival, being organized from 7 November to 2 December 2022,  by the French Institute in India, the network of Alliances Francaises in India, is witnessing live wall art in as many as 13 cities of the country such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, etc. The festival is being supported by JSW Paints, Reunion Island Region, France Volontaires and French Institute in India.

About Fabien Poes

Born in 1983, Poes grew up in Paris, in the district of La Défense. At the age of 15, he immersed himself in graffiti, and his passion soon devoured him for the next twenty years to the four corners of this new Europe without borders. On the canvas, which he began to approach around 2004, Poes abandoned the spray bombs for brushes and vinyl paint, developed his rounded, colourful and sweet style, and built his universe and an inexhaustible repertoire of forms. He works on pictorial narration, diverting or breaking classic codes, and while exploring the search for potentials in story and painting, very often referring to ancient or even forgotten mythologies or urban or contemporary mythologies.

About Alliance Francaise Jaipur

Alliance Française aims to promote the French language, showcase the French culture and develop cultural ties between France and India. Alliance Francaise Jaipur will be the 15th such centre in India. It is first and foremost a language centre, offering a wide array of French classes from beginner to advanced levels, to children, teenagers, and adults (individuals and professionals). The teaching methods are oriented towards action and communication, engaging the learners through various authentic content and roleplays. It is the ideal meeting place for Indian and French artists. The Alliance Française network offers a wide range of cultural programs, highlighting various artistic forms.

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