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Jaipur, 13 November: The world’s largest annual camel fair – Pushkar fair – will conclude on the auspicious day of Poornima on Monday, 14 November in Pushkar near Ajmer. The concluding day will witness a mélange of cultural and musical events.

There will be several competitions, rural sports, music and dance performances, maha arti, hot air balloon flights as well as fireworks on this day.

The day will begin with hot air balloon flights in the morning at 6 am. This will be followed by a mega cultural programme. The DOT has also lined up events like camel race, matka race, tug of war, Kala Jattha, Group Dances and other local performances as well.

The evening will once again witness hot air balloon flights at 4.30 pm followed by Maha Arti at the Pushkar Sarovar at 5.45 pm. Fireworks at the High Level Bridge at 8 pm will bring to a close the gala festive evening.

It is to be recalled that the Pushkar Cattle Fair is the only one of its kind in the entire world. During the fair, lakhs of people from rural India flock to Pushkar, along with camel and cattle for several days of livestock trading, horse dealing, pilgrimage and religious festival.

According to Hindu chronology, it takes place in the month of Kartika beginning on ‘ashtmi’ 8th day of Lunar Calendar and continues till full moon (‘Poornima’). The camel and cattle trading is at its peak during the first half of festival period. During the latter half, religious activities dominate the scenario. Devotees take dips in the holy “Sarovar” lake, as the sacred water is known to bestow salvation.

The world renowned 5 day festival is organized by the Department of Tourism (DOT), Government of Rajasthan and Pushkar Mela Vikas Samiti every year.

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