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The 6th day of the ongoing ‘Sustain by Cartist’ initiative which is a 9-day exhibition being organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in collaboration with Cartist was held at JKK. Over 30 participants took part in ‘Make Your Ganesha Green’ initiative in Graphic Studios in JKK. Students from Rajasthan University, Kanoria College, Maharani College, IIS University, MNIT, and Rajasthan School of Art modelled their interpretations of Lord Ganesha out of clay and waste paper material. Lord Ganesha models also spread the message of a green planet, sustainability, upcycling, clean environment and created awareness for climate change. After modelling the idols, the participants also painted them using colourful concepts and acrylic paint.

‘Sustain by Cartist’ is an initiative to promote upcycling of auto parts and curating designer furniture through utilizing old car parts and automotive waste. The exhibition will be on till 12 September.

Workshop on Design with Paper Fold

A workshop on ‘Design with Paper Fold’ by designer and sculptor, Dhanesh Dutt Ojha was held in Krishnayan. The workshop focused on motion with a special emphasis on birds. In the beginning, he demonstrated making static birds to explain the concept of motion. Throughout the workshop, the participants worked with origami paper to make different paper folding designs. Keeping in mind to reduce wastage newspapers and magazines were also used. The workshop was aimed at creating awareness for sustainability. Making people realize that it is not always necessary to discard things that can no longer be used but upcycle them to create new items of decoration or use.

Mr Ojha further said that how one works towards cleaning the environment is dependent on their thought process. We can create decorative pieces by utilizing and combining old objects, scrap materials, and waste paper. The participants that attended the workshop, understood that no object is useless and all objects can be reused and recycled to find utility once again. There is a need to understand this concept of upcycling and re-using objects.

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