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Jaipur, 16 June: The month long theatre workshop of Junior Summer Programme concluded today with over 300 students staging various plays. The students were divided into 8 groups on the basis of age who performed short plays of different genres.

The plays which were staged included ‘The Ant World’ by Menu Card ( 10-11 years), ‘Google-e-Azam’ by Chippa (9-10 years), ‘Dastak’ by Bhonpu (14-16 years), ‘Sim Sim Siya’ by Mama Mia (8-9 years), ‘Bhaag Uncle Bhaag’ by Raabri (11-12 years), ‘Samaaj Online’ by Ghano Bawaro (16-18 years), ‘The Last Show’ by Reverse Gear (age group 10-11), ‘Mano na Mano’ by Spot Light (13-14 years).

The themes of the plays were based on the culture of social media, animal protection, importance of human life, dependency on Google, lessons of hard work from ants, among others. The plays will also be staged again on 17 and 18 June at 3 pm and 6.30 pm.

The coordinator for the workshop was Mr. Sandeep Madan. The other facilitators were Lokesh Rathore, Yash Gupta, Vishal Bhatt, Kashish Bhatia, Raju Kumar, Vikas Patwa, Aayushi Dixit, Nidhi Jain, Abhishek Mudgal, Hitesh, Padmaja, Mudit Tripathi, Anuranjan Sharma, Yogesh Kumar, Devendra Singh Bhati, Aditi Dixit and Samunder Singh Makrana. The light and sound was coordinated by Gagan Mishra and Lavneesh, respectively.

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