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MP Diya Kumari launched the poster of the ‘Love 30 Campaign’ today. She is the first leader and influencer to lend her support to the campaign. It aims to limit the speed of vehicles to 30 km per hour in the cities of the world to reduce accidents and create liveable streets for all sections of road users. The campaign has gained immense international momentum and is being supported by WHO, the United Nations and the Global Alliance of NGOs. As a part of the initiative for the same, ‘Muskaan Foundation for Road Safety’ is working with the schools in Jaipur to create an awareness for this drive. Principal, The Palace School, Ms. Urvashi Warman was also present on the occasion.  

On the occasion, MP Diya Kumari said: “Traffic accidents are the leading cause of unnatural deaths across the world. Reducing the speed limit will help save many lives in the cities. As such, there is a significant need to push for lowering the speed limits in areas where people live, walk and play. I am happy that the ‘Love 30 Campaign’ is being supported by WHO, the United Nations and the Global Alliance of NGOs and it has gained momentum internationally. I must also compliment the ‘Muskaan Foundation for Road Safety’ for campaigning the ‘Love 30 campaign’ with schools of Jaipur. Setting a 30 km per hour speed limit in urban areas will make the roads safer for people of all ages and reduce accidents.”

Trustee, Muskaan, Ms. Mridul Bhasin said: “To implement the requirement for lower speeds. We will be approaching Collector Jaipur and Commissioner Jaipur Development Authority to get a notification issued and signs installed at such sites. It is a proven fact that an increase in an average speed of 1 km/hr results in a 3% higher risk of a crash and a 4-5% increase in fatalities.”

Muskaan’s advocacy aims to implement the law in the city of Jaipur beginning with schools. It is also noteworthy that India is a recent signatory to the third ministerial-level global road safety conference held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2020, where the Stockholm Declaration was passed. Point 11 of the declaration focuses on speed management stating that enforcement should mandate a maximum speed of 30 km/hr in areas where vulnerable road users and vehicle mix is observed. Also, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. Delhi had issued a Gazette Notification dated 27 June regarding curtailing speeds at schools, hospitals and construct where vulnerable road users and vehicles intermix.

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