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A session on Solar Energy was organized by ALL Ladies League (ALL) for its members. The event was hosted by Molly Moo at its outlet at C Scheme. “Solar energy is a safe and fast growing alternative source of new energy,” was the bottom line message of the speakers at discussion here.

The informative session aimed at creating awareness and understanding about the solar power and its advantages in the conservation of the planet.

ALL Ladies League (ALL) Chairperson, Jaipur Chapter, Ms  Ranoo Srivastava welcomed the guests and speakers. During the session, Social Activist, Ms. Rashmni Dickinson said that we should focus on zero carbon footprints. Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels at your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Architect and expert in the field of being able to purchase carbon offsets, Dr. Rashmi Gupta highlighted the benefits of solar energy and said that it is cost effective and better for health.  Solar energy is extremely abundant and it fights global warming and catastrophic climate change, she said.

Solar Power expert Mr. Rajan Mehra explained the technical aspects of installation and usage of solar power at home.

Molly Moo focuses on the biodegradable disposables and conservation in preparation of variety of ice creams. It is an exclusive ice cream café in the city.

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