Press Release


– Dr. Jennifer Butler, Deputy Regional Director,
Asia Pacific Regional Office of UNFPA, Bangkok

In the next 10 years, medicine won’t be limited to the hospital structure, it will be the era of e-medicine. It is easy to remain static and have the same thinking but we must move forward with new and innovative approaches. E-medicine is the cure and addresses the fundamental shift on how healthcare will be provided in the future. This was informed by Dr. Jennifer Butler, Deputy Regional Director, Asia Pacific Regional Office of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Bangkok. She was speaking at the ‘Meeting on UNFPA-IIHMR University Partnerships in Research and Capacity Building’, held at IIHMR-University in Jaipur.

She further added that around the world a lot of people are living in slums and will continue doing so because the slums have an unstructured residential layout. Studies have shown that the health conditions in urban slums are far poorer than in rural slum areas. The amount of development in the overall slum areas needs to be immense.

President, IIHMR University, Mr. P.R. Sodani said that the University has always been focused on carrying out various researches and training programmes which will help develop the healthcare system in the coming years. Not only this, the University has also been engaged in various research projects and helped in training people in collaboration with UNFPA.

On the occasion, faculty members of the University working on various research projects and training programs in collaboration with UNFPA also discussed their work with Dr. Butler.

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